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Bupa is proud to be the Official Healthcare Partner of Paralympic teams in the UK, Spain, Poland and Chile.

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Who we are

Annual Report 2021

Our 2021 progress, performance and plans can be found here.

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Who we are

Bupa is an international healthcare company. Headquartered in the UK, we were established in 1947. Since then, we have grown to be a global organisation with over 38 million customers worldwide.

Our business is focused on health insurance, health provision (this includes dental, clinics, hospitals, GP services and digital healthcare services) and aged care.

Our ambition is to be the world’s most customer-centric healthcare company

Delivering exceptional care is at the heart of our commitment to customers around the world. Together with our 85,000 dedicated employees, we are driven by our purpose and to make a positive difference to the people and world around us.

Our strategy

Who we are at Bupa
What we do

2022sg飞艇历史体彩记录-开奖结果查询 We’re dedicated to transforming healthcare

From our roots in the UK we have evolved and expanded internationally, making our healthcare accessible to more than 38 million customers globally.

Health insurance
Picture of two person - health insurance
Health insurance

We’re leaders in quality health insurance. Our wide range of tailor-made solutions include digital healthcare.

Health insurance
Healthcare services
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Healthcare services

We offer a range of healthcare services across the...

Healthcare services
Aged care
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Aged care

We provide services in the UK, Spain, Australia and New...

Aged care
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In a fast-changing world, our strategy harnesses the power of our enduring purpose to create a healthier and more sustainable future. We’re committed to innovating and developing technologies that serve people and society.”
Iñaki Ereño, Bupa Group CEO
Picture of Iñaki Ereño, Bupa Group CEO
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Picture of viviane longest standing members - case study
Meet our members: Viviane
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Picture of lady checking case study: Sanitas launches BluaU Smart
Sanitas launches BluaU Smart
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Sanitas launches BluaU Smart

Sanitas launches BluaU Smart, the digital add-on that adapts to the client’s needs and evolves as they do.

  • With BluaU Smart, the client can configure their add-on annually based on their individual needs and life stage
  • Video consultation, measurement of vital signs through facial imaging, personalized digital plans and health monitoring through wearables are just some of the services offered by BluaU Smart
  • Once the client has configured their add-on, they can select two micro-coverages from a choice of ten, which can be adapted depending on the client’s life stage
  • This mini-cover includes reimbursement for children, financial assistance in the case of unforeseen events, emotional wellbeing, pet care, home services, travel assistance, etc.

Digital health saw exponential growth in 2020. In the context of a pandemic and travel restrictions, both patients and professionals have drawn on the advantages of digitization for health management. With the launch of a new digital add-on, BluaU Smart Sanitas continues to make advances in the field of digital medicine. The main advantage of this add-on is that it enables clients to choose their own cover, thus adapting it to their individual needs. It is there for them at every life stage, adapting to their current stage of life.

All BluaU Smart clients are provided with digital access to the following services: video consultation with specialists and 24-hour Accident & Emergency consultation; digital health programmes; health monitoring through wearables under a variety of profiles such as pregnancy, arrhythmias, blood pressure, weight control and COVID-19; measurement of vital signs through smartphone facial imaging within seconds. In addition, BluaU Smart clients can choose from ten micro-cover plans, which can be updated over the course of the client’s life.

The mini-cover add-ons designed for BluaU Smart offer clients a variety of categories: financial support for unforeseen health issues or unemployment protection; other family-oriented cover such as reimbursement for children for educational speech therapy and orthopaedic devices; emotional wellbeing for mental health; pet care; household care including a series of household services: nursing, delivery of medicines from the pharmacy and laboratory tests, as well as assistance cover for foreign travel.

For example, a family may elect reimbursement for their children as well as pet care. As their children grow up, the needs of a family change and family dental coverage may be preferable, alongside reimbursement for their children. Over time, the family may begin to travel more and need travel assistance instead of pet care. Each member of the family can update their mini-cover when they renew, adjusting their insurance cover to their current life stage.

This empowers the patient and helps them commit to managing their own health, since they can access the mini-cover of their choice based on their personal needs. The contract is reviewed annually so the client can adjust their add-on based on their personal circumstances.

Health monitoring, vital sign measurement, digital consultation during daytimes and digital prevention programmes

All BluaU clients, and therefore clients of this new BluaU Smart add-on, have access to the Monitor your Health service: through which, certain health profiles such as asthma, arrhythmias, weight control, blood pressure, pregnancy or COVID are constantly monitored. Through various wearables or user devices (e.g. digital scale, pulse oximeter or thermometer) the Health Promotion Service (SPS), a medical device, performs digital monitoring of the patient through the MySanitas App. Thus, clients can monitor their own progress and contact the medical team via video consultation whenever they wish.

Furthermore, BluaU Smart enables policy holders to measure their vital signs through facial imaging. By simply opening the MySanitas App and using the mobile camera, the client can measure data such as heart and respiratory rate or blood pressure, data that they can share with their doctor and that their doctor can assess to determine their current health.

The new digital add-on provides access to digital health programmes such as nutrition, personal trainer and pregnancy support, in addition to the preventive digital programme aimed at avoiding risk factors for diseases. Many of the most common diseases in Western society are in response to lifestyle-related behaviours. If healthy habits are adopted, the risk of developing pathologies such as cardiac or respiratory diseases and cancer is reduced.

With BluaU Smart, Sanitas clients can access an insurance product tailored to their needs at every stage of their lives. Customization of the add-on enables the client’s needs to be responded to at every life stage. Commitment to this more person-centred digital medicine results in more accurate and personalized medicine, which is based on data that enables professionals to diagnose and treat patients with continuously updated information.

First healthcare organisation science based initiative - Case study
Our commitment to the Science Based Targets initiative
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Picture of being a working parent in the pandemic - Case study
Being a working parent in the pandemic
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Picture of disruptive innovation for health - Case study
Disruptive innovation for the health of our people and planet
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Picture of healthy cities initiative - Case study
Health in the City
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